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A first of its kind in Goa, we introduce to you our customer loyalty program, GHS Loyalty Points (GLPs). Every time you spend your hard earned money on any of our services, we will reward you for choosing us with a portion of your spend.

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points are bonus incentives that we provide to customers who frequently or repeatedly use one or the other service that we offer. You could choose to order, based on your need, either housekeeping, plumbing, electrical or any other service that we provide. You get guaranteed returns in terms of Loyalty Points which can be used / redeemed during your consecutive orders with Goa Home Services.

How does GLPs work?

We love to keep things simple and straight; nothing hidden. You earn GLPs each time you order a GHS offered service.

Here's how you earn GLPs for your Housekeeping orders:

For every Rs.2,000 spend, you earn 1 GLP and Redeem Rs.200 for each GLP

Here's how you earn GLPs for your other orders:

For every Rs.200 spend, you Earn 1 GLP and Redeem Rs.20 for each GLP.

Now Earn while you Spend. Isn’t that cool?

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