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We are a team of technical professionals with a successful track record of building various products in Information technologies. Being home owners and home lovers, we decided to enter a business that we are passionate about as we value good service and appreciate a good clean home environment. We understand the importance of good quality products, the impact it has on our health and well being, and also the importance of having any help to reduce stress in our day to day lives. Home owners face tremendous shortage of true quality housekeeping and basic home services, especially in the case of vacation homes.

We recognize the need for home owners to have stress free and reliable services to get their home ready for their rentals or for their own stay during their visit. After all you don’t want to spend your time cleaning when you are coming home on a vacation! Our vision is to bring our expertise to deliver a top-class service to vacation home owners through a technology enabled platform, offering wide range of services available to you on-demand. We use environment friendly and top quality cleaning products because your health and that of your guests is important. Happy renters are repeat renters!!

We’ll take care of you home and
let you take care of your vacation!

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